Killing the Messenger, Johnny & The D train Riders and THE MiCKS AT Lucky 7 Tavern
by: Zac Clark, Rocker Tycoon – Jersey’s Rogue Rock Writer

“…Killing the Messenger set up and began I was nervous. Luckys is a small space and this is a big band. I was worried about whether or not their sound would hold up in the bar, and I missed out on the last show I was at they played had to leave to catch a ride so I’ve never heard them live. I SAY ALL THAT TO SAY THIS: Look out for this band! I’m always nervous for a girl lead singer. Will she have the presence to command the crowd’s attention? Will she be loud enough? Plenty of other concerns… ALL ANSWERS WERE YES. Blaring fire engine red flashing neon sign YES! (blink) YES! (blink) YES! How do I explain Killing the Messenger? Ok! You know The Beavis and Butthead Movie? There’s a song on that album by No Doubt, it’s unlike any other song they ever did. It’s dark and conspiratorial, damn near malicious, but it’s sexy too. I guess that’s a really good way to explain these cats, like a female Batman Villain, evil but sexy.”

North Jersey Notes, Killing The Messenger, Passiac Park, NJ
by: Tim Louie

I was forwarded this band out of Passaic Park, NJ, called Killing the Messenger. These guys are as local as local comes, but their sound is much larger than local. That was my assessment upon hearing songs like “Fight or Flight,” the infectious “Wrong Direction,” and the epic “Living Machine” on The songs were very well-produced and singer Missy DiSalvo sings with such attitude that this band can be pretty big once people learn who they are. But, I guess that’s why I’m here!

Killing the Messenger started out as a quintet out of Montclair State University. According to the band’s bio, they were just a bunch of punks playing shows at local bars, some they lived above, and others they just passed out in front of. After making changing drummers a couple of times and adding a sick keyboard player in Boris Ivanov, the sound of the band began to mature. The members of Killing the Messenger seem to originate from all over the globe, including Brazil, Russia, the Jersey Shore, and Brooklyn. The band feels that this diversity is what helped shape their sound. Killing the Messenger is singer Missy DiSalvo, guitarists Randy Hayes and John Hegarty, bassist Mark Hartmann, Boris Ivanov on the keys, and drummer Tim Rech.

The band released their debut CD, Life Underground, back in May and has been receiving rave reviews ever since. The CD is also currently available for digital download at You can also log on there to find out where they will be performing next!

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Killing The Messenger, What’s in a Name?
The Aquarian
by: Rich Bukowski

Killing The Messenger’s tunes seem like the perfect background music for an animation of scattered puzzle pieces arranging themselves all back together again to create one single visual unit. I say this mainly because the vocal arrangements executed by singer Missy are so well thought out and composed that they flow with the music perfectly yet refuse to stay within the bounds of any kind of evenly spaced and generic “sliced and diced” singing.
It’s fortunate that they hold such a distinctive sound. Their ability to write songs that are as catchy as they are well composed is their most attractive quality overall. The warm, yet edgy guitar work coupled with the natural sounding progressions displayed throughout each song are the brunt of qualities working in favor of Killing The Messenger.
This Jersey five-piece encompasses everything an upbeat and energetic pop band trying to pin themselves onto the rock billboard should be. Hopefully people took notice of this at The Break Battle Of The Bands contest and then ran over to their table to pick up a CD. They deserve it.

The Next Cult Craze
The Aquarian
by: Amanda Hansult

I love this– everyday another new band comes out of the woodwork with a great female vocalist. I have a lot of respect for these girls that are making a name for themselves in a predominately male inhabited genre. Killing the Messenger are another one of those bands and you can check them out over the next couple of days as they are set to perform around the area over the weekend.
Although they may be a “slightly dysfunctional family”, as lead vocalist Missy would say, they certainly are an extremely capable group of musicians. After meeting at Montclair State and quickly becoming a close knit group of friends that share the same views and ideals about a non-conformist life, Missy, Randy, and John along with other KTM members Mark and Tim started creating music that is reflective of their attitudes and beliefs in life.
Drawing influence from such great and well known bands such as The Mars Volta, The Clash, Red Hot Chili Peppers and more, Killing The Messenger create sound reminiscent of these cult status artists and are on the road to becoming their own cult heroes.

LXIX Magazine Feature:

Killing the Messenger is a full throttle rock assault hailing from Newark, NJ. This outfit includes a mix of everything from salsa, reggae, funk, metal, punk, R&B and everything in between. Known for their blend of genre-spanning, balls-to-the-wall rock tunes and high-energy live shows, KTM will be sure to infiltrate your home system in no time. Check out the new single The Monkey House above and be sure to keep tabs on this up-and-coming rock band. Dig it!


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