Q. How did the band form?

A. The band started in college. Missy D, Randy and John all went to Montclair State. From there we worked with a drummer and our bassist (Mark) for a couple years writing material. After a couple drummer switches we finally formed KTM with Tim on drums. Fast forward a couple years to the addition of Boris on Keys and you have KTM as you know it.

Q. What is the meaning behind the name Killing The Messenger?

A. It’s a frame of mind. KTM is about forging new roads while still holding on to what you believe in. Simply put, it’s a way of life. It is the enlightenment of self-awareness and control of ones own destiny, by which no “messenger” can stop you.

Q. You guys started playing, like most bands, in a basement. How has it been to grow with the band musically and professionally. did things become easier and more natural? Do you listen to some of your earlier stuff and notice the difference?

A. We are very fortunate in that we have always made, in our eyes, wonderful music. The first few years of figuring out who KTM was, were trying, but we grew as a whole and learned as one unit. It made a huge difference when Boris started playing with us. He is an extremely accomplished musician, he has a huge depth of understanding for music, so he was able to fit right in, but more importantly add a layer of complexity that we were unaware of. We often like to rifle through our old material to find jams, parts, lyrics that were made, all of which were created on the spot. It is a wonderful experience to look back in the past and find amazing music that we have forgotten, misplace, etc. Now, as far as a difference goes, I think we are more of a concept band in that respect. We generally make our music in burst, so it’s more of a time capsule then a “wow we really weren’t all that tight”

Q. What artists influence you?

A. KTM comes from many different backgrounds, so everything from samba, salsa, reggae, funk, metal, punk, rock and r&b. The bands that we as a whole tend to listen to are The Mars Volta, Bob Marley, RX Bandits, Allman Brothers, Queens of the Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Pixies.

Q. Are you all from Newark? Is there any scene developing there? Has the city influenced any of your music?

A. Randy is the only one who was born and raised in Newark, minus our 7th unofficial band member (D). We all live and work in Newark. Ultimately, we write from our hearts, so Newark will always be apart of our music. It’s a great place and often gets a bad rap, but people who dig our music, won’t hesitate to come out to a show or house party. Newark’s influence can can ultimately be summed up in two words… Brick. City.

Q. What can we expect from the future?

A. New album in the works. Stay tuned!

Killing The Messenger is:

Missy D. – Vocals
Randy Haze – Guitar
Johnnie Sunshine – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brooklyn Mark – Bass
B. Cool – Piano, Organ and Synth
Tim-o-teo – Drums and Percussion

“Life Underground” is our first full length, a true labor of love, and is out on iTunes and available in hard copy at all of our shows.